“If you have a customer, by definition, you have a customer experience! Design this experience with purpose, and you will build fantastic customer and employee engagement”  © Nick Lygo-Baker

Paradigm CX Ltd. provides you with a virtual Chief Customer Experience Officer enabling you to evolve your customer experiences and deliver processes consistently across your most important customer touch-points. By creating a strategic framework and measurement processes, built on engagement with employees, suppliers and customers, we will design and deliver an optimised CX Management Strategy for your organisation. 

Shifting the CX Paradigm by


Delivering Great Customer Experiences 

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If you have a customer, by definition, you have a customer experience!  

  • But have you considered whether your customers find it hard to buy from you?

  • Have you designed you customer journey with purpose or is it accidental? 

  • Are you making it easy for customers to engage with you?

  • Can your employees deliver to the customer and business needs effectively?

If the answer to any of these questions is No or Unsure; click here and explore how you can optimise your organisations CX journey.


Listening to our customers and staff is vital in a world of ever changing expectations.


  • Do you have an effective way to capture customer feedback?

  • Are you confused with how to understand the insights and convert them into action?


  • Do you have too many different ways customer can contact you? Which version of the truth is most reliable?

Paradigm CX can support you by building or improving yuor customer and employee feedback channels to operationalise insights into action. Click here to find out more

Your mystery shopping programmes should be designed to connect and evaluate the consistency of your service delivery.

  • Do you understand the effectiveness of your brand values translate to customer interactions?

  • How does your staff training translate to your customer experience?

  • Is your most influential touch point living up to expectations?

  • Do you measure the experience delivery in store, through digital channels or your contact centre?


By purposefully enabling fast and actionable insight to be delivered to those that need it, you can close the gaps between customer expectations and staff brand delivery,  Click here to learn more!

Hiring for personality and training the skills makes the best employee?!

  • But how do you train employees on customer experience and customer loyalty?

  • Do you create absolute fans of your brand with your employees?

  • Do you provide the principles of how you see customer experience and do you empower those across the organisation to deliver your brand promise?.

The more senior you become the more disconnected you are from customer engagement, letting go can be hard. Our training supports businesses manage that transition and maintains consistency in delivering how customers experience your brand.  Click here to learn more. 

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