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Understanding the Touch-Points That Matter!

“If you have a customer, by definition, you have a customer experience! Design this experience with purpose, and you will build fantastic customer and employee engagement.”  © Nick Lygo-Baker

​Design you customer journey with purpose and you will be able to meet customer, employee and business needs more effectively.


Customer Journey management is about continual measurement and improvement not just a one-off exercise. Remaining relevant to your customers is important in both maintaining and growing your business.

The customer journey has changed. No longer do we have a linear point to point process through which every customer must pass.


We live in a world of individuated consumption where customers have a choice and like to personalise their engagements with organisations. 

By creating multiple channels and, therefore, multiple touch-points, means it is much more complicated to know which matter most to customers. Investing in improving every touch-point becomes impossible to achieve and a needless waste of resource.

Journey Management is a means of understanding how employees, processes and customers engage and each touch-point. This enables you to focus on the touch-point which have the most impact on a customers’ propensity to buy, return and their overall customer experience.  

  • Do you truly understand who your customers are?

  • Is engaging with your company easy for your customers, suppliers and employees?

  • Do you understand their needs and wants in order to focus on what matters?


Paradigm CX can guide you through mapping your customer experience and building a customer-centric strategy that will improve relationships and drive performance improvement.