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Evaluating Service Delivery

“Mystery Shopping benefits all businesses with client facing staff, stores or facilities; by checking how a brand delivers on its promise to customers”   © Nick Lygo-Baker

Paradigm CX Ltd. has over 15 years of mystery shopping research, we craft our programs to truly measure the service experience your customers receive.  Whether online or in store, by answering three basic questions...

  • How well is your training cutting through to your customers?

  • How well are your team delivering your brand values?

  • Do your team members understand what customers expect of them?


...we are able to focus on the core engagements with customers and team members to improve your performance to continually add value for your customers.

Our Mystery visits give you visibility, help you understand and manage the consistency of your customer experience delivery, and provide practical insights for your team on how to shift the performance paradigm.

We design programmes that emphasise the positive impact staff have on their customer touch-points.  By providing actionable insight directly to front line teams we empower them to deliver excellence every time.

Carefully profiled mystery shoppers are selected match genuine customer types in order to mirror natural interactions with staff. This ensures the consistent measurement of service delivery across the whole customer journey in all outlets at every touch-point.


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