ELASTIC Customer Recovery Framework

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

By separating the Customer Service teams from their Customer Relationship Management organisations will deliver random and disjointed experiences to customers. By building service recovery into the DNA of the brand experience, the long-term engagement will be stronger and the lifetime value of the customer increased.

The Paradigm CX “ELASTIC” customer recovery framework works across all customer contact points, stores, contact centres and internal departments to create a better service recovery experience.

By showing empathy and listening you can actively seek clarity from customers who are sharing their feedback good or bad.

Apologise! Sometimes this is all customers are looking to hear. Where you can, sort the issue out as quickly as possible. Speed is critical in removing the pain point.

Thank the customer, inform them of any next steps meet any promises. Then ensure there is closure for both the customer and the organisation.

Sounds simple, but leading with empathy really can help recover customers in crisis!

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