Psychological Archetypes: The New Segmentation Lens?

Knowing your audience is key to being able to engage, empathise and build loyalty. How can we optimise the “Engagement Experience” to ensure a positive memory of us? But traditional demographic segmentation is no longer enough! Grouping people by age, wealth or family dynamic is just too broad a brush! Such methods are no longer appropriate in the digital age of individuated consumption!! People now choose how to consume information and services, tailoring their own experiences to meet their needs.

Targeting your true audience need not be an overwhelming challenge. We just need to look differently at the way in which customers choose to engage with us. Understanding the customer needs, combined with the touch-points customers choose to engage with should define how we provide to that particular persons engagement experience. But to truly get to the core of what motivates our customers we need to look at the psychological archetypes and look to segment based on values. This enables us to adjust our tonality, lexicon and timing of engagement to suit the consumption patterns of our customers. All of these create a more tailored experience for customers and create a closer relationship with them as a result.

But there is another level we can go to using neuro science to discover how people make purchase decisions. By knowing the influences that trigger positive memories we can focus on providing consistency in delivering these types of experience. As the touch points become de-lineated, and consumption far more random, being able to find the elements which matter most enables businesses to focus their efforts (and costs) on delivering to the customer priorities.

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