Purposeful CX is like sewing the seeds of success!

The principle behind customer experience performance improvement is simple. Design your customer experience with purpose, and then keep your customers and employees at the heart of everything you do. This is like sowing seeds in spring, continue to nurture this culture with your employees and watch as your customers embrace positive change and your business grows.

Whilst this premise may sound simple there are a number of factors fighting against this ideal including the following:

1.Desire for score improvement over customer experience improvement

2.Organisational structure – siloes & process

3.Individual Management Agendas prioritised over CX Change

The desire for change must be universal in order for people to initiate meaningful change. This sets the purpose of the organisation and the design of their CX. Traditional structures can be initial barriers but with a purpose and common goal this is easier to breakdown. Collaborative working will also lead to the opportunity for shared resources and process. This will lead to improvement towards the common goal in the service of their customers.

Lastly, this requires commitment and action to break old habits and set now ones. Based on Einstein’s parable of quantum insanity, if you do the same thing over and over you cannot expect different results!

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