Time is valuable in the research economy!

People are time poor and have lower and lower tolerance for those wasting their time.

Below are 5 thoughts which guide the development of feedback survey thinking:

1 – Check there are not any other parallel surveys or measures, follow the journey – customers only have a certain threshold for disruption – don’t waste their time!

2 – Focus on your customers needs and test your performance against these needs – don’t waste their time!

3 – Enable your staff to deliver what is required by making it easy for them to deliver to customers – don’t waste their time!

4 – Act upon the insights and close the gaps – let your customers know of your efforts – don’t waste their time!

5 – Empower your staff to give random acts of kindness – for those who are in need – appreciate their time!

Customer measurement is a science, but needs to be cross-functional and aligned to other measures to add true value to organisations.

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